How to clean a fastener packaging machine

April 18, 2024

Regular cleaning of fastener packaging machines is critical to maintaining packaging machine performance, avoiding breakdowns, and ensuring automatic weighing and packing machine quality. This news is intended to introduce users to how to correctly clean fastener packaging machines, automatic weighing packaging machines, etc. To extend the service life of the machine and improve production efficiency.

Preparation before cleaning

Turn off the power: Before cleaning, make sure the fastener packaging machine or weighing packaging machine has completely stopped working and the power supply has been disconnected to ensure safe operation.

Prepare tools: Prepare the tools needed for cleaning, such as vacuum cleaner, soft cloth, detergent, brush, etc.

Cleaning place: Choose a spacious, dry, dust-free site for cleaning work.

Cleanup steps

Clean the outer surface: Use a soft cloth to wipe the outer surface of the weighing and packing machine to remove dust and dirt. If there are stubborn stains, use an appropriate amount of detergent to wipe them. 

Clean the conveyor Belt: Use a vacuum cleaner or brush to clean dust and residue on the conveyor belt. Make sure the surface of the conveyor belt is clean and smooth to avoid affecting the packaging effect. 

Clean the packaging box warehouse: Open the packaging box warehouse and use a vacuum cleaner or brush to clean the dust and residue inside the weighing and packaging machine. At the same time, check whether there are any damaged or deformed packaging boxes in the warehouse. If so, please replace them in time.

Clean the hopper: Open the hopper and clean the residue and dust inside. Use a brush or vacuum cleaner to clean the inner wall of the hopper to ensure there is no residue. 

Clean fastener clamps: Check whether the fastener clamps are clean and free of residue. If necessary, wipe with detergent. Clean electrical components: Use a dry soft cloth to wipe electrical components, such as control panels, sensors, etc. Make sure it is free of dust and dirt that could affect electrical performance.


1. Avoid using water or damp cloth to wipe electrical components to avoid the risk of short circuit or electric shock.

2. During the cleaning process, if the weight packing  machine parts are found to be damaged or worn, please contact professional maintenance personnel for replacement or repair in time.

3. After cleaning is completed, be sure to check whether all parts of the machine are back in place to ensure that the machine can operate normally the next time it is used.


With this guide, users should learn how to properly clean a fastener packaging machine, weighing packaging machine, or other type of packaging machine. Regular cleaning not only maintains machine performance, but also improves product quality and production efficiency. We hope that users can follow this guide to ensure the normal operation and service life of the packaging machine.



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