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    grace ni
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    Zhongshan Xingke Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
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Best Packing Solution XK-W450 directions/instructions automatic packaging machine, Supplier & manufacturers | Xingke

Product Introduction

Our XK-W450 directions/instructions automatic packaging machine fully automaic packing by setting number. Directions/instructions of various sizes are automatically counted separately. Feed in order according to the set quantity. Packing with tape, automatic arragement by putting.All products, enter the bag forming machine of the packaging machine to start the bag making and sealing. Conveyor finally send to products after bagging.

Accurate sealing and cutting, and additional ventilation holes
Directions/instructions of various sizes are automatically counted separately
Feed in order according to the set quantity

It is not only can pack the instruction but also suitable packing many other similar products, suitable for the packaging of various regular objects such as casters, manuals, playing cards, daily necessities, work piece parts, masks, hotel supplies, disposable tableware, furniture accessories and other cartons or trays.

 Suitable for "OPP/CPP/PE lamination film" as sealing material.

Our XK-W450 directions/instructions automatic packaging machine Technical features:

1. Servo control, the length of the bag is adjustable, saving time and film.

2. Fault self-diagnosis and alarm display.

3. HMI operation, parameter setting is simple and convenient.

4. The temperature is independently controlled and can be adjusted according to needs, which is better suitable for various material packaging.

5. The transmission system is simple and clear, the work ability is reliable, and the maintenance is convenient.

6. High-sensitivity photoelectric color code tracking, more accurate sealing and cutting, and additional ventilation holes.

7. Item induction to prevent empty bags.

8. The manual is automatically issued.

9. Automatic feeding of tape.


Product parameters

Equipment modelXK-WP450X

Bag size

width 50-350, adjustable length

Packing speed:

1-100 bags/min

Seal shape

 stripe, back seal
Voltage power 220V/50Hz  P≈2.5KW


about 600KG

Bag sealing shape

 figure cutter tooth type

Dimensions length 8000mm/width 1550mm/height 1350mm

Product Details


XK-W450 directions/instructions automatic packaging machine

Counting method: manual placement/photo-eye positioning
Packing speed: 1-100 bags/min
Weight: about 600KG

Counting method: manual placement/photo-eye positioning

Bag size: width 50-350, adjustable length

Packing speed: 1-100 bags/min

Seal shape: stripe, back seal

Voltage power: 220V/50Hz  P≈2.5KW

We provide low-cost ocean logistics services,our packaging is export standard wooden box packaging

Our machines have CE certificates and can be exported to countries all over the world


Company Advantages

Have a professional R&D team, each equipment has been discussed and formulated by the R&D team.

Customized design according to customer product process requirements, a variety of models to choose, free sample.

Professional after-sales team, provide good service .

With a professional R&D team, non-standard models can also be customized according to needs.Each equipment is completed and will be shipped after a large number of simulated production tests to ensure the stability.

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No. 11, South Qimin Road, Huoju Development Zone, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China.
  • Surname
    Grace Ni
  • Company Name
    Zhongshan Xingke Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
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Basic Information
  • Year Established
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    Manufacturing Industry
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    Packaging Machine
  • Main Products
    Vertical Packaging Machine,Horizontal Packaging Machine,Sealing And Cutting Packaging Machine,Auxiliary Packaging Equipment
  • Enterprise Legal Person
  • Total Employees
    16~100 people
  • Annual Output Value
  • Export Market
  • Cooperated Customers
    Midea, Hisense, ARROW, ANNWA, TCL, Kohler, LINSY, TENŌN, Janes-lock, Yachiyo, mulinsen, OPPLE, OSRAM
Company Profile
Zhongshan Xingke Automation stands in the Torch Development Zone, a national high-tech industrial zone, located in the southwestern part of the Pearl River Delta, adjacent to Foshan, Zhuhai, Dongguan, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou. The Guangzhou-Zhuhai-Macao Expressway and the light rail transit traverse the whole city and the transportation is convenient.
The company specialize in automatic packaging machine, automatic packaging production line, automatic screw machine, automatic dispensing machine, vibrator bowl, non-standard automation
The company is an automation equipment company with independent research and development, design, program development, production, and sales. It has obtained a number of patent technology and software copyright, and get the title of national high-tech enterprise. The production projects involve automatic packaging, dispensing, assembly, screwing, and other industrial machinery and its application engineering, serving many industries such as hardware, electronics, electrical appliances, plastics, medical, lighting, bathroom, furniture, engineering, etc.
The company takes honesty and service first as its service concept; meticulous and pursuit of excellence as its work attitude; accurate research and development plans, excellent product quality. And perfect before sales and after-sales services as the company’s corporate purpose. The goal of the company is to provide users with reliable automation solution, in order to saves time, effort and worry.
Provide one-to-one service of pre-sales consultation,it covers the entire production process, technology and principle of the equipment.
Provide design and drawings (3D/2D simulation), Customized design according to customer product process requirements, a variety of models to choose, free sample.


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    They are now widely exporting to 200 countries.


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