Xingke | Custom counting machine for sale Supply

Xingke | Custom counting machine for sale Supply

counting machine for sale It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, stable performance, beautiful appearance and high degree of automation, and is widely used in many industrial fields.

XK-B860P(Vertical Manual Placement Material PVC Conveyor Belt Semi-Automatic Packaging Machine).

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1) Technical features
1. Automatic filling, automatic packaging, sealing function, output counting.
2. Intelligent temperature control system is adopted, with stable temperature control and adjustable temperature according to needs.
3. The length of the packing bag is adjustable, the total number of packages is adjustable, and the automatic alarm will be given when the set number of times is reached.
4. After packaging, the bag type is unified, regular, beautiful and firm. It can also be equipped with code printer, weight checking scale, labeling machine, elevator and other expansion equipment.

2) Scope of application and functional features
1. This semi-automatic packaging machine is suitable for products with long, irregular shape, large proportion of length to width, or products after electroplating, spray painting, paint baking and other processes with high surface requirements, such as electroplated process plastics, toys, pins, screwdrivers, data lines, etc. the materials are manually put in, and the materials are transmitted to the shaper by belt for automatic filling and packaging.
2. It is applicable to "OPP / CPP / composite film" as sealing material.

Product Parameters

Equipment model: XK-B860P

Counting method: Manual placement

Bag size: Width 40-140,  length within 200 (normal 140)

Packing speed: 1-60 bags/min

Sealing shape: Stripe, back seal / trilateral seal (usually back seal)

Voltage power: 220V/50Hz  P≈0.6KW

Air Supply:  0.4-0.8Mpa

Bag mouth shape: Pattern knife tooth type

Dimensions: Length1700mm/width 750mm/height 1550mm

Weight: About 100KG

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